Real Transparency and Integrity.
We provide web hosting, virtualization, dedicated servers, and colocation with integrity. Because we have integrity, we don't claim to be perfect. However, when we have a problem that causes issues with your service, we own up to it, provide a full analysis, and engineer a permanent solution whenever possible. Data shows that this approach leads to high reliability over the long term. Here's a third party uptime report with 1 minute resolution from 5 global locations and history back to 2007:

What about our customer service and business policies?

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Customer Quips

  • D.K. praises:

    "I've learned to be the most careful consumer you'll ever find, and have twenty-some domains hosted with the best hosting company you'll ever hope to do business with. They take issues of security and reliability just about as seriously as I do, and the needs of their customers truly to heart: They actually listen. They really do care about the slightest problem, and don't mind sharing their extensive knowledge and experience. Beats anything I've ever seen.

    Above all else, they have been completely truthful; there's no radio button big enough to measure their integrity, which puts them way above the very few that I would ever consider as *real* competition. Don't be fooled by an industry so filled with empty promises: If your online presence is important to you, and your intentions are good? Then move your domain(s) to Advantagecom Networks ~;-)"

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