From fully managed dedicated virtualization nodes to self-managed remote disaster recovery replication of other virtualization nodes hosted elsewhere and everything in between, we have you covered.

Leverage our deep experience with Xen virtualization to build your own solution on our hardware. From just a few VMs to thousands of VMs, you're only limited by your budget and hardware specifications.

Here's just a few of the solutions we've done for customers over the years using Xen virtualization on dedicated hardware:

  • Standalone virtualization node with managed VMs
  • Standalone virtualization node with managed node, but unmanaged VMs
  • Unmanaged standalone virtualization node with unmanaged VMs
  • Multiple virtualization nodes with local storage and live migration between nodes
  • Clustered virtualization nodes with shared iSCSI storage and high availability failover for critical VMs and their applications
  • Clustered virtualization nodes with shared high availability storage, clustered VMs, and web based cloud management interface to manage all resources as one cohesive highly available pool

We believe in delivering only highly available hardware (redundant power supplies, redundant fans, redundant hot-swap storage, redundant network links) to minimize nuisance failures and unnecessary drama.

Nicely spec'ed dedicated virtualization nodes start at $500/month (minimum we offer for this type of service) and go up from there depending on the desired solution.

Data transfer and/or bandwidth is available metered (GB/month) at the full speed of our network or unmetered with a limited speed. We're always pressing for better deals with our upstream providers, so we can offer competitive levels of included network resources at fair prices.

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Customer Quips

  • R.J. declared:

    "I came to Advantagecom as a refugee from another webhost who really failed me. I have been with Advantagecom for a couple of months, and their service has been above and beyond what I would expect for the price. They keep their customers well-informed of any scheduled server maintenance, and when they had one emergency with a server going down due to a customer abusing their privileges, it was dealt with immediately even though it meant working in the middle of the night. Also this incident was explained and apologized for on their announcements forum....I couldn't be happier with this host, and I have been burned before, so I know what I'm talking about. I already even referred someone to them who opened an account last month."

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