Don't have the resources to run your own datacenter, but want to supply your own server hardware? Or maybe you're just tired of the hassle of managing your own IT infrastructure and need to move off-site the servers you already have. Maybe you just need better network uptime than what you've accomplished on your own. Or maybe you have grown tired of the constant temp employee churn at your current colocation facility.

There are many varied reasons why you might be considering supplying your own server hardware and colocating it in our datacenter.

  • Here's what we bring to the table:

    • Deep experience managing and maintaining our own datacenter since 2001
    • Dedication to maintaining and upgrading our network and power infrastructure to maximize uptime and performance
    • Battery and generator backup vs many competitors who only offer generator backup, leaving you to your own devices to cover the 30 second gap in electricity supply (Ever try to get a big storage system running again after an ungraceful power-off? Major pain!)
    • Escorted access to your equipment as needed
    • From 1RU of space to locked cages with multiple racks and everything in between
    • Available space and power to accommodate your expansion
    • Remote hands available from experienced system admins
    • A small and tightly run facility that allows us to give customers a high level of attention
    • Pricing competitive with most major markets
    • A physical location away from most major geophysical, oceanic, and atmospheric threats.
    • Network proximity 6 - 10 ms from Seattle, WA and 3 - 4 ms from Spokane, WA
    • Economical high capacity bandwidth available for remote data replication and other high bandwidth consumers
    • Option to run without power backup for the optimal low cost electricity we're known for in Eastern Washington state
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  • Ready to discuss your solution?

    Please click here to contact us. In the contact form, please provide as much information about your requirements as you can so we can have a meaningful discussion from the beginning.

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Customer Quips

  • K.H. beamed:

    "I am quite pleased with Advantagecom Networks service. Because of their excellent service with my co-location plan, I have the time to provide excellent services to my customers doing what I do best, hosting and designing their web sites."

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