Are you a social media influencer? Would your followers benefit from the services we offer? Join our affiliate program!

We offer a 35% recurring commission on every service you sell via your affiliate link, including later upgrades. Visitor tracking is done via cookies that last 90 days, so your referrals don't have to order immediately for you to receive credit for the sale.

If you're already a customer, then it is easy to activate your affiliate account. It is integrated into the billing account you already have. Click here to go to the affiliate control panel, login, and activate your affiliate account.

Not yet a customer of Advantagecom? No problem! You don't have to purchase anything to have an affiliate account and earn commissions, but you do need to register a free account to track your referrals and earnings. Click here to register your free account and then use the "Affiliates" menu item near the top right of your account to activate your affiliate account and get started.

The fine print:

  • Since we offer a 90 day money back guarantee for most services, commissions "mature" and are available for withdrawal after 100 days if the account is still active.
  • Commissions must accrue to $50 before you can withdraw your commissions.
  • We reserve the right to deactivate affiliate accounts and void commissions of affiliates that use fraudulent or deceptive means to sell services or generate commissions.
  • Marketing of your affiliate link from web sites or content that would be disallowed by our terms of service for hosting on our network will result in your affiliate account being disabled and commissions voided.
  • Payment of commissions is done only by PayPal and only to the email address listed on your affiliate account.

Customer Quips

  • D.K. praises:

    "I've learned to be the most careful consumer you'll ever find, and have twenty-some domains hosted with the best hosting company you'll ever hope to do business with. They take issues of security and reliability just about as seriously as I do, and the needs of their customers truly to heart: They actually listen. They really do care about the slightest problem, and don't mind sharing their extensive knowledge and experience. Beats anything I've ever seen.

    Above all else, they have been completely truthful; there's no radio button big enough to measure their integrity, which puts them way above the very few that I would ever consider as *real* competition. Don't be fooled by an industry so filled with empty promises: If your online presence is important to you, and your intentions are good? Then move your domain(s) to Advantagecom Networks ~;-)"

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