AutoSSL SSL / TLS certificates are available for free on our WebPro2 shared web hosting accounts and any VPS or dedicated server using a supported version of WHM/CPanel.

For the WebPro2 shared web hosting accounts, an AutoSSL certificate is generated and installed automatically within 24 hours of your site fully resolving to our servers. It is valid for 3 months and is automatically renewed and installed by the system a few days before it expires. To avoid conflicts with other certificates you might install, it will not generate if your site has an SSL / TLS certificate of a different type already installed.

For VPS or dedicated servers, you must turn on the AutoSSL feature from WHM and from there the process is the same as for the WebPro2 shared web hosting accounts.

These certificates are great for basic web sites that just need to avoid the error messages and warnings that browsers display when SSL / TLS is not enabled. It also enables the certificate for use with email clients, avoiding some warnings there as well.

However, they do have some caveats that might be important for some sites:

  • AutoSSL certificates do not work with some of the web browsers built into mobile apps.
  • AutoSSL certificates require your site to resolve to our server *before* it will generate, causing a short gap of time where you may not have any SSL certificate on your site if you do not already have an SSL / TLS certificate.
  • It has been reported that SSL / TLS certificates with short validity periods can have a small negative impact on search engine rankings. We have not verified this ourselves, but it is worth considering if your site depends on high search engine rankings to be successful.

Customer Quips

  • R.J. declared:

    "I came to Advantagecom as a refugee from another webhost who really failed me. I have been with Advantagecom for a couple of months, and their service has been above and beyond what I would expect for the price. They keep their customers well-informed of any scheduled server maintenance, and when they had one emergency with a server going down due to a customer abusing their privileges, it was dealt with immediately even though it meant working in the middle of the night. Also this incident was explained and apologized for on their announcements forum....I couldn't be happier with this host, and I have been burned before, so I know what I'm talking about. I already even referred someone to them who opened an account last month."

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