• Spam & Virus Email Filtering - Accurate, Fast, & Manageable!

    Spam & Virus Email Filtering - Accurate, Fast, & Manageable!

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Spam and Virus Email Filtering Service Highlights

  • Accurate

    Spam and virus signatures are updated continuously to identify and stop the latest spam and viruses. Nearly all spam is filtered out while ensuring minimal legitimate email is falsely identified as spam.
  • Easy and Fast

    No mailserver reconfiguration needed. Only a simple DNS change is required. There is no added email delivery delay.
  • Manageable

    A control panel is provided to view quarantined spam, setup whitelist/blacklist preferences, view statistics, examine the message log, and manage users.
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The cost of spam - it adds up quickly!

You've probably seen statistics on the cost of spam, but if you haven't, here is something you need to know:

For 5 full time employees with unfiltered email, working at $15/hr, approximately $12,009 per year is lost to spam including bandwidth, storage, processing, and employee time. That is $2,401.80 per person per year or $200.15 per person per month lost to spam.

If your company has more employees or pays more than $15/hr, then your costs are higher. If you're paying someone to work and they use email as part of their job, spam filtering is absolutely essential to keep worker costs directed towards your goals.

Of course, if you have time to burn and don't get paid for it, then your only costs are those precious minutes of your life that you could be using to play a game or do something much more enjoyable than sort out spam.

The price for this service is $3 per month per domain for incoming email filtering. For your $3 per month, you get up to 1000 protected email addresses and unlimited email messages filtered per month. Outgoing filtering is available for $3 per month. Email archiving (10GiB increments) is available from $7 per month. Bundle for discounts!

Customer Quips

  • J.L. remarked:

    "I'm a web application developer, so I'm quite demanding as a customer, and these guys have impressed me."

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